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miércoles, 31 de mayo de 2017


Dear friends,

YOU ARE INVITED to partecipate to the 1st VENICE INTERNATIONAL MAIL ART BIENNIAL since the 17th of June to the 10th August 2017 at the historical Palazzo Zenobio.

I know the time is short but it was not possible to confirm before the event.
However the show is in progress therefore the works will be exhibited gradually when they will arrive.

Theme: The Dalai Lama and Tibet
Max size: A4
Free technics
Send by “Snail” Mail to:
Ruggero Maggi - C.so Sempione 67 - 20149 Milano
The received works will remain at the Tibet Pavilion's Archive.
At the end the documentation of the whole project will be realized.
Please, on the back of work, write in block letters your NAME, SURNAME, CLEAR POSTAL ADDRESS AND E-MAIL.
Thanks in advance.

Mail Art is an international network which has marked, especially at the end of past century, an infinite number of projects, shows, fanzines, books, in which the inner relation between the sent object, the sender and receiver its of value. Futurism and Dadaism can be considered the historical antecedents of this form of art communication, it's important to underline the Kurt Schwitters's rubber-stamped works, the Fluxus movement with the artists' work such as: Joseph Beuys, Ray Johnson, George Maciunas, Ken Friedman, Ben Vautier and the French New Realism with Pierre Restany and Yves Klein. Ray Johnson is considered the Mail Art's creator: at 1962 he founded, mocking the real Correspondence Schools, the New York Correspondence School (so defined by Ed Plunkett).
This Biennial doesn't want make mail art institutional - at 1986 I wrote “Mail Art uses institutions in the places of institutions against institutions” -  which has in the own genetic code an aversion for all can make it official, but, at the contrary, it wishes take stock on this network precursor of current social network.
A great archive with thousands of works.

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