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sábado, 27 de febrero de 2016

PERSONAL INVITATION to Bookmark Art Exhibition.

PERSONAL INVITATION to Bookmark Art Exhibition
vie 26/02/2016 01:52 p.m.

Hello !

You are kindly invited to the BOOKMARK EXHIBITION. This is the 1st
Bookmark Exhibition in Pälkäne, Finland.

Technic is free. Size max. 21  cm (height) x 7 cm (width). Please, add
your signature on your artistic bookmark. Add also your name, address
and e-mail address, thank you. Bookmarks must be sent in the envelope by
snail mail with stamps. Every participant can send max. three bookmarks
to this exhibition.

DEADLINE 31.10.2016.

The exhibition will be in Mainlibrary Arkki, Kehätie 4, Pälkäne,
Finland. The exhibition period is 2.1.2017-31.1.2017. Please, remember
that  in  the public library visit people of every age.

Documentation by graphic designer Erika Pohjola will be sent by e-mail
to every participant.

No participation fee, no jury, no return.

Please send your artistic bookmark to:
Anja Mattila-Tolvanen
Jahkoontie 70
FI-36600 Pälkäne

Waiting for your response.
Thank you!

Best regards Anja Mattila-Tolvanen

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