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jueves, 9 de julio de 2015

Esta documentación se hizo sobre la exposición en Pälkäne . Gracias Anja Matilda Tolvanen,

Hello !

I have a pleasure to send you the documentation about our artist book 
exhibition "Värioppia". This documentation was made about the exhibition 
in Pälkäne. Graphic designer Erika Pohjola (my friend who lives here in 
Pälkäne) has made the documentation. I hope you like it. The artist 
books are the same in all our exhibitions and that is the reason why we 
have only this one documentation although we have more exhibitions.

Some art work were little damaged during the transportation to Finland. 
I have fixed them all before the exhibitions. I hope I have done it the 
way you can accept.

Now our exhibition is in the mainlibrary in Kangasala during the period 

And I have a surprise for you! There will be a new exhibition after 
Kangasala. The next exhibtion will be in the mainlibrary in Valkeakoski 
during the period 21.7-21.8.2015.

I am very happy that you decided to join our group! Thank you!

Best regards anja mt

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