Queremos conocerte, envia un arte correo/mail art,

por correo electrónico a: cernjulviviana2011@hotmail.com.ar;

o postal a:

Cernjul Viviana, Rodriguez 2227 (dto 2) Lanús Este CP 1824, Buenos Aires Argentina.

lunes, 9 de febrero de 2015

Mail Art call 2015, desde UNITED KINGDOM.

Hi Cernjul Viviana!, hope you are well and happy? Thank you for submitting 
postal artwork for our Summer 2015 Mail Art Exhibition (to be shown in 
Folkestone’s Creative Quarter) James & I have just looked at your great 
blogspot and we shall send you our Mail Art soon! Please find attached our 
exhibition poster with theme, details, deadline, address etc. & refer to our 
Facebook page (links below) Perhaps you know of others who might be interested? 
And maybe ‘share’ info’ on social media/blogspot?

Your postcards will soon be uploaded to our Facebook page! Thank you once 

Regards, Kevin & James (Gillen)

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