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lunes, 1 de julio de 2013

"La vache qui rit" Postal Project‏

I like sending and getting postcards made of these little boxes of spreadable wedges of cheese. I have received only one so far. I know it is not the best cheese in the world (but it is still good). It is just... well, I confess I am in love of this cheerful bright red cow. So I would be utterly happy if you could send one of these to me, as a postcard (better) or in an envelope. I would like collect one or more than one from every country. Difficult? I hope not!

And the reward? Ok, you'd have eaten a great cheese sandwich. Isn't it enough? And you could be proud to have been so kind. And I will be grateful forever. And besides this I will send you some snail mail in return, from Morocco or from Spain. A letter, a postcard or a mail art work (as you wish).

Please, consider have a cheese sandwich for tea today! Contact 

E. Albiol
BP 7640 - Tétouan Principal
93000 Tétouan

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